Our office is equipped with the latest CAD, plotting and graphics technology which allows us to efficiently meet demanding deadlines and complete fast-track projects.  Technology enables us to continually exceed our clients' expectations by providing high quality design and construction documents to meet sensitive budgets and ambitious production schedules.

Building Information Modeling(BIM)

It’s not your father’s architecture anymore. Although we like slide rules as much as the next person, and hand-drawn conceptual sketches too, we know that 21st century architecture avidly embraces technology.

Bivens Architects employs advanced technology not for its own sake but to deliver building solutions that maximize materials, spatial relationships, properties, and "behavior" for the life of the structure.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a key tool to quantify life-cycle costs and impacts related to building materials, scale, geometry, aesthetics, lighting, and energy.

BIM facilitates cost reductions in construction, operation, and/maintenance and powerfully visualizes scenarios that can be displayed dynamically in real-time so that decisions are rooted in quantifiable data.  BIM and tools like it enable Bivens Architects to translate vision into sustainable reality, in ways engineers, contractors, and owners can readily grasp.

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