We are an architectural practice, devoted to the conservation of existing architecture, energy, and materials.  Whether from new construction, adaptive re-use, or historic renovation, we look to utilize the latest technologies and advancements in energy conservation measures to sustain our environment.

We strive to make the places we design sustainable so they are safe and healthy for our clients and resource conserving for future generations.  A sustainable approach to design also produces the business results that matter to our clients:  including, reduced energy and operating costs, improved image and marketing advantages, and enhanced workplace performance and quality of life.

Responsible Design

Socially responsible design is a necessity, not a nicety.  Our work considers the particular as well as the broad context of what is designed and ultimately built.  We weigh both short and long term social, cultural, and environmental impacts of our designs, impacts on people, resources, history, nature, and quality of life.  At Bivens Architects, we understand that getting a building or project certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system is but one tool to measure sustainability.  Collaborating with Owners and envisioning impacts over generations also includes intangibles demanding vision, foresight, and imagination.

Project Impacts

Bivens Architects carefully reckons project impacts on energy savings, building performance, indoor air quality, materials selection, water efficiency, carbon footprint, cultural heritage, and responsible stewardship of our limited natural resources. We do this for projects big and small, respecting the ripple effect of decisions we all make every day.