Healing on a Human Scale

Our Health Care designs foster healing on a human scale.  We specialize in innovative, technologically advanced built environments that support healing and comforts patients.  We pride ourselves on interweaving the highly specialized aspects of medical planning and care with the broader needs of functional and aesthetic design. Our design vernacular for Health Care clients is functional and responsive to very human needs, built on a scale to welcome, reassure, and calm patients — as well as support health care providers in their practice.

With clients ranging from the academic clinician to the private physician, Bivens Architects offers a full suite of Health Care design services. Protecting patients and staff alike from environmental health and safety risks, we work closely with the medical experts to deliver efficiency without compromising quality of care.  Whether we are designing a mammography suite, a diagnostic imaging center, or an oncologists’ lounge, we know that details matter.  We never lose sight of this simple fact: people faced with often-fearful challenges deserve respect, reassurance, and trust.  And our work reflects that vision.

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