Bivens Architects will Engage you to determine your needs and create a plan of action.  We listen.

Not just to the words, but also to the emotions behind them. You tell us how you want your project to function and how you want people to feel in the built space.  We listen with you before we put pencil to paper, before we click one keystroke.  We do it with passion and attention to detail. We do it with you.

Design follows naturally.  We create distinctive designs that rise from the materials that surround us, the textures of the natural world, the interplay of light and color.  We design places that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable.

Our designs Build living spaces, workspaces, caring places, learning environments.  We collaborate closely with owners and contractors to translate our designs into structures that resonate with your personality and character.

This is the Experience we leave you with.  The experience of knowing that when something fits, it feels right.  At Bivens Architects, we let our work quietly speak for itself. It's not about us.  It's about you.  The proof is in your experience of our built design.

Core Values

Core Values are a simple but powerful notion.  They are perhaps best defined as the small set of principles that guide the way the people in an organization think and act.  Our core values require no justification; they are the soul of our organization and represent the values that guide our decisions and actions.  

  • Honesty, Integrity, Fairness + Enthusiasm are the foundation of our business    
  • Consistently Service and Exceed our Client’s Needs  
  • Innovate + Inspire
  • Care about People, Relationships, and Our Environment

Our core values are focused on providing our customers with the personal attention and responsiveness they deserve.  This has led to long lasting relationships with many of our clients, who appreciate our dedication and commitment.

Our Vision

We improve lives by design.  Our approach is to never lose sight of the people who experience our built environment.  Personal relationships propel our creativity, resulting in functional and aesthetic unity.

Although we are based in Central New York, we touch lives in our community and throughout the Northeast.  Knowing our environment, the local weather, demographic trends, and the fabric of shared living enables us to enhance the world around us.  And being socially responsible partners, we strive to foster sustainability, serving as good stewards of our limited natural resources.

We create practical designs, pleasing spaces, and encompassing structures.  We are committed to offering the highest level of services in every project we undertake; and our professional staff and experience enables us to provide architectural services to clients whose projects are extremely diverse in scope and nature, while maintaining sight of their budget and functional program.

From the first phone call to the ribbon cutting, we are with you.  We involve a principal of the firm on every project, assuring quality and continuity.  Above all, our personal attention has real-world consequences: calls get returned, e-mails get answered, preferences are heard.  The result: client satisfaction that brings buzz.  Word of mouth that multiplies work.  Quiet pride for designer and user alike.